Victory Through Faith In Jesus
Victory Through Faith In Jesus
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Greenville New Testament Church
September 2019 Newsletter

From The Pastor's Desk

As it was in the days of Sodom;
Gods Impending Judgement

    We are living in the period the Bible refers to as the end days. In fact, Jesus said that if he did not shorten the days no flash would be saved because of the wickedness of that day. Mark 13:20

    The problem today is that people do not believe or take heed to the Bible as they do not believe it to be truth nor can it provide solutions to life's questions and problems. Many today have and are casting away there faith to embrace the worlds version of progressive Christianity. This new doctrine embraces all sin as being acceptable: lying, reveling, and all manner of sexual sins; while attempting to justify their blatant immortality.

     Romans 1 reveals to us the level of wickedness that men will embrace; men with men and women with women rejecting the natural order God has set to appease their lusts and calling it love. These poor lost souls do not realize that God has to judge their lifestyles not by their standards but according to His Word. Unfortunately, men love darkness rather then light and many will fight against His will wondering along in darkness continuing in their delusions even while trying to convince others that evil is good and good is evil; pushing for their sin to be accepted and normalized. Many would tout that God is not concerned will their lifestyles claiming that He loves them as they are. And while it is true that God loves the sinner he does command sinners to repent coming to his son Jesus and begin life a new creation in Christ (2 Cor. 5:17). 

The danger in justifying the sinful lifestyle and may appear permissible, it will take all whom travel that road to heartache, destruction, and final a placed called Hell. God does not will that men parish, but He is bound by His Word to punish all whom choose to live contrary to His will and that punishment is eternal (Rev 20:12-15). 

Repent while there is till time for destruction shall come swiftly. Believe God at his Word. Hebrews 13:8

Pastor John 
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Be ye doers of word, and not hears only deceiving your own selves
~James 1:22